Ile Rousse is a growing port.

In 2017, it carries out 397,054 passengers, 366 stopovers and 144,303 tons of goods. The 4 essential missions are:


As part of a public tool concession awarded for 26 years from 1 January 2002, the Chambre of Commerce 2B concessionaire manages the public domain within the concession area. The missions are as follows: the construction, maintenance, renewal, operation, development and promotion of works, land, buildings, installations, materials, networks and services necessary for the operation of the port.

To welcome

The Chamber of Commerce is constantly improving the reception conditions for passengers and vehicles. To do this, it organizes flow management both at the level of vehicles and at the level of pedestrian passengers. For this purpose, it sets up services, infrastructures and superstructures such as maritime terminals, car parks, shaded spaces, an information point, signaling equipment ….


The development of traffic by meeting the expectations of all operators and especially shipping companies.

Prepare for the future

Developing investment programs (2019-2023) based on traffic forecasts and fleet evolution.
By proposing new developments in the short term.
By working development axes: new lines, new traffics, cruises ….


Security checks at boarding

Prepare your ticket (ticket) and your identity document for the security check and commercial control, which can start up to 2 hours before the departure of the ship.

The international ISPS code requires all port facilities to carry out security checks on all passengers (pedestrians or vehicles) arriving at boarding.

The security officers will systematically carry out an access control (verification of the ticket) and a visual inspection (on the passenger, his luggage and / or on the vehicle. screening inspection which consists of a more thorough check of the baggage and / or the vehicle, in accordance with all the current regulatory requirements.

Passengers will have to prepare their tickets and identity documents in order to facilitate the security checks and keep all of these documents on board if they wish to temporarily leave the port security zone.

The VIGIPIRATE Plan is currently active on the port of Bastia.

Level currently in effect:

“Enhanced security – risk of attack”