ILE-ROUSSE  ‘s port offers quality services. It does this through specialized structures.

Towing and handling are provided by CYSEPO (Cyrnos Port Services)


The presence of a pilot is mandatory for any vessel over 60m in length. The pilotage service is provided by the Bastia / Ile Rousse pilot station by means of a liaison star.  Pilots  intervene day and night at the request of the Harbor Master’s Office.

Tel: 06 14 70 44 15


It ensures the control of maritime transport and port operations.

Tel: 33 (0) 4 95 65 04 14

Harbor Office

A functional unit where the port official do their duty.
Responsible of the setting up of the necessary means for the integration of the port ship overall and to concretize the permanence of the port authority with  ships and users.

Contact Captain: Commander Frédéric EDELINE Tel: 33 (0) 4 95 34 42 72 – 06 17 39 49 57
Officer of permanence:

CCI staff are responsible for reception, flow management, vehicle and pedestrian traffic, refueling ships in fresh water and general maintenance of the facilities.